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Connect to your inner healer

Dear clients and friends, I want to introduce you to my colleague Megan Liebmann and her individual and group healing offerings at Amethyst and Rose. I love supporting other practitioners who, like me, take a whole-person and community-minded approach to their work. In this time of the Great Turning,  we must see health through a wider lens that includes all beings and the very planet we depend upon.

Megan offers nature-based practices and herbal/functional medicinethat honors the interdependence and interconnection of the web of life. She focuses on the innate healing abilities of our bodies and nature herself rather than just on pathology and dysfunction, as much of our modern healthcare does.

Photo by Matthew Fang, shared via Flickr

If you are seeking a group experience, she has a six month Women’s Healing Circle coming up in the New Year! Please help me in spreading the word about this opportunity if you have friends who would benefit. The more we come together to support each other, the stronger we are, especially during difficult and fear-inducing times. But as the wise Adrienne Maree Brown says, “Things are not getting worse, they are getting uncovered. We must hold each other tight and pull back the veil.”

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I really do understand what it feels like to lose your way. Because I have lived through the dark moments of self-doubt and hit the walls of seemingly impossible obstacles, I am even more passionate about seeing my clients thrive. There is nothing more inspiring to me than helping others deeply connect to their own meaningful purpose. I believe that everyone has an inner wisdom that can guide them to be their most true, creative and fulfilled self. In our coaching sessions, we explore that together. In the past 15 years, my life has changed so much. I have a life partner who is a writer/photographer/journalist and together we had a second son, now ten years old. I have a close relationship with my grown son; we love to hit the ski mountain together and we have long talks about most everything. If you are looking for an collaborator who can understand your hardships and hold a vision with you of your possibilities, I would love to be your Life and Career Coach!